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Tilley T5 Hat - Ref: 8424

Tilley T5 Hat

Tilley hat with a semi-sloping brim for sun protection and a higher crown for added ventilation.

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Tilley T5 Hat Specification
Ref: 8424

You'd walk tall wearing the elegant T5, made of cotton duck, on New York's 5th Avenue, London’s Oxford Street, or even Toronto's Bloor Street.
Yet it's also suitable for the roughest expedition.
It features a semi-sloping brim for sun protection and a higher crown for added ventilation.
An elegant and stylish design suitable for any occasion.
Main Features:
Guaranteed for life.
Insured against loss.
Excellent sun protection.
Repels rain.
Ties on in the wind.
Machine washable (Wont shrink)
Measurements: Front of the brim: 2 5/8" back: 2 3/4" sides: 2 1/8"
Available in: Khaki with Olive Underbrim
Sizes stocked: 7 - 7 1/8" - 7 1/4" - 7 3/8" - 7 1/2" - 7 5/8" - 7 3/4" - 7 7/8"
• RRP £58

To protect you from the sun and rain, Tilleys fit lower than other hats. This also tends to give one a rather dashing appearance!
For your comfort, they`re held on by gravity, not painful pressure on your forehead. On a hot muggy day, you`ll especially appreciate this!
Even though they fit gently, Tilleys won`t fly off because when there`s a breeze, you use one or both parts of the tuckaway Wind Cord (see TIES ON below).

Tilleys are replaced free if they ever wear out, shrink or fall apart. They`re so carefully handcrafted by us in Canada, and made of such strong materials, that many outlive their owners. Final words in the Owner`s Manual? `Pass it on!`

We understand the anguish of losing this reliable companion, or of having your dog terminally gnaw it. Should that happen, we`ll replace your late, lamented Tilley at half the catalogue price.

With your Hat, you`ll be provided with `The Straight-Shooter`s Statement of Loss of a Tilley Hat` insurance policy. The insurance is for two years, all perils, 50% deductible, and is not issued by Lloyds.

A layer of closed-cell foam in the crown, and sometimes in the brim, provides the Tilley`s positive buoyancy. This is a boon to boaters and fishermen/women/people. Good grief!

People have told us that this foam layer has helped save their lives. Double your money back if it doesn`t save yours. Apply personally....

The Tilley comes with a tuckaway, adjustable, fore `n` aft Wind Cord. When it`s calm, the Wind Cord stays hidden in the crown. When there`s a breeze, place the part with the sliding knots behind your head. When it`s windy or you`re sailing, use the chin part too.

See COMFORT above, and the Owner`s Manual, which accompanies each Hat, for amplification.

Not perfectly but usually quite adequately. Happily, the brims of the cotton-duck Tilleys actually become stiffer when they get wet, not floppier, helping to protect your neck, face and glasses.

The Lighterweight Nylamtium® Tilleys are excellent at repelling rain.

They, in 1980: `Alex, you can`t make a cotton hat that won`t shrink!`
Me: `But what if we boiled the material first? Mercilessly preshrunk it?`
They: `Well, I guess that would work.`
It did and does.
Soft and comfortable, it picks up sweat from your forehead and wicks it away to your temple area where it evaporates.

The fabric and style of all Tilley Hats have been certified to block 98 percent of harmful UVA/UVB radiation and deliver an ultraviolet factor (UPF) of 50+, the maximum rating given.

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