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Bradcot Modul-Air V2 Awning 2019

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After over two years of success the Bradcot Modul-Air has been updated for 2019 with new style, new size Base Units, Extensions and Fronts.


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Product Description


After over two years of success the Modul-Air has been updated for 2019.
With new base unit sizes, extensions, and fronts the full awning fit is even better than before.
This revoltuionary concept in caravan awning design is so versatile meaning won't need to buy two awnings anymore (porch and full awning) because this unit caters for both.
What is Modul-air?
What if you could turn the width of your 260 AIR porch into a 390!
or how about adding to a 330 base unit to make it into a 495cm? Or why not go all the way and turn it into a full awning! Well now you can!
The Modul-Air's exceptionally clever design has raised the bar and taken the air awning market to a completely new level.
So once you buy your Base Unit, which you use on its own as a porch awning, you can then add extensions to then turn it into a full awning, thus utilising all your caravans outdoor space.
Bradcot have done their homework and produced a chart of recommended combinations of base units, extensions and fronts to fit the rail size of every caravan in the best format.
• Clever engineering with great backup warranty and service
• Air inflation technology
• Genuine Ten Cate roof/wall awning fabric - this material greatly reduces condensation experienced with other AIR awnings.
• Robust 450 Micron fully integrated TPU bladder system
• 150mm diameter main beams (smooth finished)
• Extendable Modul-Air design (patent pending no. 1102970.9)
• Extension sizes (LHF only) 90cm, 130cm, 165cm and choice of 2 front closure sizes, 305cm & 325cm (OPTIONAL EXTRAS)
• Single inflation point (valve on each main leg to aid deflation only)
• Removable front & side panels & ventilated side mesh windows
• 260 size: width 2.6mtrs x 2.6mtr projection
• 330 size: width 3.3mtrs x 2.6mtr projection
• 2mtr internal roof height at front
• Back poles & Storm Kit as standard
• Optional 12v electric pump – inflates the 260 in less than 2 minutes!
• Optional Vent Panel now available
• Air annexe available – right hand facing only (option cost)
• 2 year warranty (canvas body)
• Lifetime warranty on TPU inflation bladder (T&C’s apply)
• 5 year UV degradation warranty (touring only, T&C's apply)

All extension options are fitted to the left facing side only for simplicity, while the optional air annex fits to the right hand facing side only.
The front closure size is dependant on the full caravan awning size requirement of your caravan.
Simply remove the 260 or 330's original side panel and replace with your extension or annex and just like the base unit the extensions and annex are inflated from a single inflation point.
A typical full awning size of 1050cm would require a Modul-Air 330 base, 165cm extension and a 325cm front closure.
A likewise combination is sure to take care of the short weekend break away where only the 330 base would be required, right through to the large family and friends holiday where the space of a full awning would make things just perfect.
Please refer to the chart to see the full awning set up required for your caravan.



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