trangia 27-2 ul with kettle

Trangia 27-2 UL Cook Set with Kettle

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superb quality swedish cook set with spirit buner & kettle
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Series 27 offers good stoves for the lone walker or two people.

Each cook set comes complete with a methylated spirit stove which is extremely economical to use, widely available and easy to use.

The pans are smaller and the kettle is sized accordingly.

A small, compact stove that takes up minimal room in the rucksack.

Here too, large billies can be placed on the raised supports in the upper windshield.

All the stove systems in the 27 series have two 1-litre saucepans (1 graduated, 1 ungraduated), an 18 cm frying pan, windshields (upper and lower), a burner, a pan grip and a strap.

Dimensions packed: 18,5 x 10 cm.

Contents: Stove with 2 1.0 litre saucepans, graded and ungraded, 1 frypan, 18 cm, and aluminium kettle, 0.6 litre.

Weight 860g.

RRP £65.00


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